5 inevitable signs that would take you to Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is one of the methods that are prevalent in dentistry for many years. The dentists in Brampton do not go for this method immediately as it is a penetrative method requiring the patient to stay patient for some time. In addition, root canal is only suggested when there is a really deep decay into the tooth and the gum leading into inevitable treatment. Root canal treatment or Endodontics is suggested during the following oral health conditions and the individual is required to approach Kennedy Square Brampton Dental Clinic for effective treatment.

Grievous pain

Pain can be often associated with teeth because of many reasons like minor injury, jerk, rough brushing, sensitivity, etc. Such small conditions do not mean that one must adhere to root canal and no dental clinic Brampton would even suggest that. However, if the pain is not sharp and occasional but continuous and aching making it difficult for the person to eat or drink anything then there is a definite need to visit a dentist. Sever pain only occurs when the teeth structure is penetrated deep and would require root canal.

Gum infection

Periodontitis and gingivitis are the common gum infections that trouble a person. However, they are not severe and can be treated with the help of simple treatments suggested by dentists in Brampton. The only problem is that people more often or not tend to ignore that these infections can become quite dangerous. As a result, they do not heed to the advice of others and gum infections become very severe. If gum infections become severe, gum pockets are formed and root canal treatment might be the only way to take care of the pockets. So, if you observe swelling, infection or tenderness of gums please consult a dentist or find us from Foursquare or Tupalo.

Fistulous tracts

Rarely, gum tissues have lesion like growths called as gum boils. They are a means to remove the excess pus from the gum tissue. But, they grow in size and enter deep into the soft tissue causing fistulous tracts. At initial stages they are very difficult to identify and the only give away is persistent bad breath. It does not go away even after brushing twice, flossing or using mouth fresheners. If such behavior is observed then there might be a chance that a particular tooth affected with boils need root canal treatment.

Dark tooth

Discoloration of the teeth might be because of several imbalances in the oral structure or health. Generally, discoloration is observed when the nerve space is infected by pathogens or develops a colony of harmful bacteria. In some cases, traumatic experiences can also discoloration and it is difficult to identify the difference unless you are a dentist. Therefore, if there is discoloration please go to a dental clinic Brampton to know if the problem requires root canal or general filling.

There are other signs like sensitivity to cold, hot, inconvenience to take a bite, etc. that suggest that there is a problem with the teeth. Regular checking and acknowledging the fact that there is a serious issue would help in undergoing root canal treatment.