Best Tips for Weight Lifting Newbies

Every time you step into the weight room, you feel your confidence plummeting. You are not alone as there are hundreds others who face this fear and opt for the elliptical instead. First and foremost, remember that lifting weights can help in burning hundreds of calories and aid you in toning up in a way that no treadmill can do. Plus, once you have succeeded in this fitness staple, you are going to feel like a total champion. So, what should you do to overcome this challenge? Listed below are some great tips for all the weight lifting newbies out there:

  • Start small

The first thing to remember is that you cannot become the champion overnight. It is all about taking baby steps. Make sure you have good quality weight lifting gloves before you load up the barbell. Start with light or no weight at all to learn the right form. This involves a bit of trial and error, but it is the best way to go. You can begin with 15 pounds and do 10 reps. If your muscles are exhausted by the end, it means you chose the right weight.

  • Consult an expert

If you are unsure of whether you are doing it right, you can always use the expertise of a good coach. Lots of gyms offer its clients an introductory session with a personal trainer and you can also take advantage of it. Often, it is just the hour of instruction you need to get you started on the right path.

  • Pay attention to your body

Tune into your muscles because they will tell you if you are doing it right or not. The muscles you are targeting with your weight lifting exercise should burn. For instance, if a barbell row that’s aimed at your upper back is causing your arms to ache, you are doing something wrong.

  • Gradually increase the weight

Yes, you may have started with the right weight, but don’t get too comfortable with it. Once your body gets comfortable with it, you are not going to see any difference. It is time for you to gradually increase the weight. It doesn’t mean doing it every single week; take some time with it. In order to push your body, you can simply do an additional number of reps instead.

  • Don’t let things get boring

Doing 10 reps with the same weight is not going to be exciting for long. In addition, your muscles will no longer be pushed to the maximum. You can experiment with tempo training where the timing of the workout needs to be manipulated. Stick to the same weight, but lower it for three seconds and raise it for one. You can do the same reps with the same weight, but reduce the rest interval from two minutes to one. This can be immensely helpful in burning more fat and preserving your existing muscle.

Follow these tips and take rest periods in order to benefit from weight lifting in the best way.