Sony FilmStation Evaluate


The Sony FilmStation can be a DICOM printer that delivers medical facilities using a fast and also economical solution to print x-rays, CTs and also MRIs, mammograms and also ultrasounds. This DICOM printer works extremely well at any clinical workstation so that you can print the particular digital health-related images which were captured and also enhanced from your medical products and computer software. With the dicom connection, your printer should be able to print out there digital health-related images from many different capture modalities easily.

By making use of design techniques that take into consideration decreased business office sizes, the particular Sony motion picture station, any dry motion picture imager, is equipped to match into even the littlest of radiology bedrooms. Because it is designed for use inside either the particular horizontal or perhaps vertical opportunities, you could have significant amounts of flexibility inside positioning it within your office work environment. Desktop utilize or location under any desk is achievable due to unit’s lightweight size.

The Sony FilmStation utilizes a fresh type regarding film, called blue winter film, product UPT-517BL. The glowing blue thermal film will come in the just fourteen inch simply by seventeen ” size, and that enables outstanding resolution regarding digital health-related images as a result of density and also transparency equilibrium provided. Additional defense is fond of the all-important printer’s head, which usually idles inside park function, especially beneficial if you will end up using the particular printer in the mobile surroundings. Complete graphic coverage is achievable as a result of printer’s edge-to-edge stamping feature.

The grade of resolution will be unsurpassed regarding medical dried up film imagers. Giving you 4, 096 colors of dull, you could have the high definition in the medical images that you might want for correct diagnoses. Superior african american levels and also contrast ratio are given by a better than 3. a couple of maximum thickness rating.

As the unit features a Dicom interface integrated, it can be utilized with a mobile computer running about Windows with Internet access. Technical problems will probably be brought in your attention by means of convenient e mail notification.

Storage regarding digital health-related images in addition has been enhanced inside the Sony motion picture station. Providing any seven-gigabyte hard disk drive, this DICOM printer’s can store around 1, 112 electronic digital medical photos.

In inclusion, the Sony motion picture station can automatically calibrate to suit your needs, or it is possible to access total calibration features around the front cell controls. Gamma settings may be programmed or perhaps default fixed your choice. With all the current flexible and also cost-effective stamping choices made available from this printer’s, it is not any wonder it is a leading pick regarding hospitals, health-related offices and also imaging centres.