FUT vs. FUE Hair Transplant: Which one is a Better Option


There are two scientifically proven techniques of hair transplant, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The technique involved in the hair transplant procedure is required for the graft extraction/removal that decides the strength the procedure in terms of the received number of viable grafts fulfill the desired needs of the restoration procedure. The procedure of hair transplant involves the five common steps such as hairline designing, slitting, the extraction of graft, dissection of graft/follicular units, and final, the step is the placement of the graft in the recipient bald area of the scalp. The steps included in the procedure needs an extreme aesthetic sense and knowledge, and only the extraction part of the procedure that requires the surgical knowledge. The extraction/harvesting the graft needs an extreme quality of surgical knowledge with full of precisions if the adopted technique is the FUT or a follicular unit transplant. The hair transplant in India has a green future because most of the Indian Surgeons practicing the FUT technique in order to meet the expected goal of an aesthetic restoration surgery. The hair transplant cost in India is a cost worthy option that calls clients/patients across the globe.

The FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT hair transplant is an acronym for follicular hair transplant that involves the strip- removal from the safe donor area of the scalp. The strip of the skin contains a number of follicular units in a certain measure that allows a surgeon to receive a higher number of grafts to fulfill the need of a bald zone. The strip excision part of the scalp is further closed by the advanced closing technique, i.e., Trichophytic closure to give a scarless result of the procedure. No doubt, FUT gives a greater result in terms of graft number and fulfill the need of a high-density hair transplant.

The Significance of FUT Hair Transplant is described below:

It gives Greater Number of Hair follicles: The FUT hair transplant graft extraction involves the strip excision process that has potential to give you a major amount of graft required for the procedure. This can allow a high-density hair transplant and fulfill the aesthetic requirement of the procedure.

The High-density hair transplant results are Possible: Since FUT technique gives a higher number of grafts and therefore it is recommended by the Surgeon when a patient having the need for a high-density hair transplant.

The Graft damages rate is Minimal: The graft damaging rate in the FUT technique is very minimal because strip excision is done with a particular depth and length of the donor area and dissection of the same under higher-magnification of microscopes gives the best outcomes. The graft damage rate while excision is not possible if an expert hand of the surgeon performing the procedure. It is based on one-time procedure with a multiple gains and hence it is the best technique.

Apart from the above benefits, the other properties of the FUT technique are jotted down below:

  • It is suitable for covering a higher grade of NW baldness
  • Gives the positive outcomes always in terms of an aesthetic need of the procedure
  • Second sitting of the procedure is possible based on patient’s requirement
  • It gives only permanent result due to the involvement of safe donor area for the extraction process.

The FUE Hair Transplant

It is one of the techniques of hair root extraction that involves the punching process to extract a single graft/follicular unit at a single time. The punching process is done in a random manner because of the aesthetic limitations of graft extraction that says every punch needs an aesthetic distance to the next. The punch distance technically reduced the donor area results in lesser number of graft extraction. In the FUE technique, Surgeons are bound to target the unsafe zone also results in lesser sustainable hair roots.

The Limitations of FUE Hair Transplant

  • It is only suitable for lesser grade NW baldness generally NW-II
  • It is allowed for body hair transplant when graft extraction is taken from other body parts like beard, chest, and upper back
  • Body to scalp hair transplant can be done more particularly
  • The patients who want to wear short haircuts
  • Not suitable for high-density hair transplant.


After reading this article, you can analyze both the techniques’ relevancy and significance that will help you to finalize the best method for the restoration procedure. Undoubtedly, the FUT hair transplant is a worthy decision in the hair restoration world.