Slim fast diet plan – A magic wand for weight loss?

Losing weight is no longer an ordeal wherein you have to restrict your favorite food and drinks and lead a life if austerity. However, these days, even if you are on a diet plan, your alternative options are galore! And this is what makes the diet plans attractive, regardless of whether you are replacing the major meals with lighter ones or you are planning to survive on liquid diet. And if it is a liquid diet that is being mentioned, the discussion will be perhaps incomplete unless the slim fast diet plan is mentioned and highlighted in this write up.

Slim fast diet explained

This diet promises to help you reduce around 1 to 2 pounds per week. The underlying concept of the diet plan is that if you are restricting the intake of calories and also reducing the quantity of your meals (so called portion size), it is effective.

Moreover, if you start this diet plan, you will not be deprived of any nutrients because the diet plan comprises meal bars, shakes, and snack bars that offer the required nutrition for an individual on any particular day.

These alternative food products (snack bars, meal bars, and shakes) will help in replacing the major meals like breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks. Aside from this you have the liberty to take your favorite food items, which in calorific value should not exceed 500.

Basically, prior to starting the diet plan, it is best to seek advice from a professional or from someone that is well versed in diet plans and how they work, namely, a nutritionist.

Experts are of the opinion that this type of diet plan is best suited for individuals that are aiming to lose around 20 pounds and this will usually take approximately 10 to 11 weeks depending on how an individual responds to the plan since no two individuals will have the same rate of metabolism.

Consequences and results

Several studies have been conducted on the slim fast diet plan and it was observed that if you are looking forward to reduce weight on a long term basis, this diet is truly encouraging. Also, when different diet plans for weight loss were compared and their results obtained, it was found that among the others, the slim fast plan was better in comparison. The diet plans that were compared included Weight Watchers, Atkins, and Eat Yourself Slim. Aside from the above instances, there were studies and surveys that were conducted on Type 2 diabetes patients. One group was administered this diet plan and the other group was kept on awareness programs and diabetes support and education. The individuals in the group that were put on slim fast obtained better results and were also found to lose around 8.5% of the weight that they had recorded when they had just started off with the diet plan.

Diet plans have been around since time immemorial. However, the main aspect that impacts the outcome to a great extent is the rate of metabolism that differs from one individual to another. No 2 individuals will get the same result simultaneously. There has to be some difference even if it is almost negligible.