Surprising Benefits of Consuming Cannabis That You Should Know

Consuming cannabis is fairly controversial in the world. The existence is regarded to be illegal belonging to drugs. But, in another side, cannabis is a kind of drug having its positive benefits. The benefits of consuming cannabis consist of some aspects. Though the consumption is not always dangerous, cannabis is able to influence body and mind when it is absorbed. It contains active contents called THC making you feel high or drunk. THC and other contents in cannabis can influence body performance.

Types of Cannabis That Can Be Used for Medical Matter

In United States, there are four types of cannabis that have been allowed to produce for medical purposes. What are they?

Marinol and Cesamet

Two types of drugs are used to handle vomit and low appetite related to chemotherapy and AIDS patients. It is another form of THC. It becomes a main ingredient of cannabis giving high feeling. Both drugs have been agreed by FDA in 1980.


This drug is consumed to kids suffering epilepsy and FDA legals it in 2013. But, the use is generally banned.


It is testing clinically in United States and becomes a kind of medicine to cure breast cancer. It is a combination of chemical substances containing in cannabis and then spray to your mouth. Sativex has been permitted to spread in 20 countries to heal muscle spasm from cancer diseases.

Health Benefits of Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis has some benefits for the health. It is seldom known and recognized by many people. Cannabis is categorized to be a type of drug. When you use it too much, it can cause health problems such as sperm quality decrease, much anxiety, low blood pressure, and many more. But, it has some positive benefits of consuming cannabis to know at

Preventing Glaucoma

Cannabis can be used to prevent and avoid eyes getting glaucoma disease. This disease can increase the pressure in eyeball, destroy optic nerves, and cause the visibility decrease. The cannabis will reduce the pressure. Based on the conducted study, people burn cannabis able to decrease intraocular pressure on the people with normal pressure and glaucoma. The effect of cannabis can hamper a process of this disease and prevent blindness.

Increasing Lung Capacity

In a study published, cannabis is not destroying lung functions. Even, it is able to increase lung capacity. Cigarette smokers will lose lung capacity but cannabis smokers tend to show a good improvement of lung capacity increase.

Preventing Convulsion due to Epilepsy

A study was conducted in 2003 showing that cannabis can prevent convulsion due to epilepsy. A researcher gave cannabis extract and synthetic cannabis to a mouse. The cannabis drug is given for convulsion mouse for 10 hours. THC extract in cannabis can control convulsion by holding on responsive brain cells to control stimulation and manage relaxation.

Killing Some Cancer Cells

The content in cannabis called cannabidiol is able to kill cancer cells. The working principle is turning off gen in the cell called id – 1. It is affirmed to kill some cancer cells and the other cells. You can reveal it more at the site above.

Relaxing Anxiety

A number of studies from Harvard Medical School claim that cannabis has helpful effects to relax one’s anxiety. Of course, it is only applicable for those consuming cannabis in a right dosage. If it is consumed at very high level, it tends to be dangerous for your health.

Hampering Alzheimer and Parkinson

It has been reported that cannabis is able to hamper Alzheimer attacking brain. It is also useful to handle tremor and increasing motoric abilities to parkinson patients. It is getting useful if it is given at the right dosage.

Is Cannabis Always Safe for One’s Health?

Though it offers some kinds of health benefits, it doesn’t mean to be safe. You have to consume it wisely and properly at the great dosage level. Cannabis is anti depresan drug made of cannabis leaves influencing nerve system. It is also making a nerve system run slowly. THC content in cannabis is a kind of chemical compound causing mood changing situation effects. That is why it belongs to narcotics category than a drug. It just knows about some benefits of consuming cannabis in order to reveal its positive and negative effects to your health.