3 Treadmill Mistakes You Should Avoid!

If you hate working out outside, or are an introvert, a treadmill will come in handy. However, if you are trying to build your abs, or lose that extra fat in your stomach, you need to avoid making the common treadmill mistakes.

Are you sure that you have the perfect workout regime? Check out if you are making these mistakes.

#1: Shoes

Contrary to the normal belief, you don’t need to wear dancing shoes or cardio shoes. Go for running shoes while working on treadmills. Your shoes play an important role in your workout regime, so make sure you choose the correct one.

#2: Sticking With One Routine

Even when you are on a treadmill, sticking with one routine while working out might not be a great way. Try changing at least one aspect of your workout regimen periodically. Meaning, even if you are on the treadmill or trying out weights, add variation to the speed or the number of weights you use. If you are looking out for ways to keep healthy without adding weight, you can check out the Groupon coupons for Bed, Bath & Beyond. They provide amazing discounts to all sorts of healthy products, and you will be able to stay healthy without creating a hole in your purse.

#3: Wrong Posture

While working out in a treadmill, try not hold the bars. This is because the incline of the treadmill allows you to lose weight easily compared to working on a flat surface. Additionally, make sure that you do not hunch forward, as this might create additional issues for you. If you hunch forward while working on the treadmill, your body will have to move in the opposite direction to keep the balance, while you are on the treadmill. This in turn can lead to lower back pains.

Sometimes, when we are working out and miss a day in between, we tend to make up all the lost exercise in one day. However, while on a treadmill, never do that. This is because if you overwork your muscle, you will need more protein to replenish them and all your hard work will be lost. The best way to avoid mistake is to keep a straight posture, have proper accessories while working and not over exert yourself. At the end of the day, feeling fresh is the motive of the exercise, and being tired will do you no good.