4 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Drug Rehab

Every year, there are a huge number of people entering drug rehabs. Although rehabs aid a good number of them, some of them have been to these rehabs for more than two times. Getting into a drug rehab as a result of drug addiction can be a life changing event. However, before you decide to enter into a rehab or take your loved ones to a rehab, you need to ask yourself some crucial questions so that you find which rehab is suitable for your needs. Getting help from colleagues when struggling with addiction may be worrisome at first and it isn’t unusual to be anxious about going into drug rehab. Thankfully, Drug rehab Ontario staff members understand this and make it their mission to make sure you are well educated, comfortable and safe.

Just like addiction can be different among addicts, and so is rehab centers, each one is exceptional. With some research and by asking the right questions, you can become better knowledgeable before choosing a drug rehab.

To help families make an informed choice about drug rehab center, this article presents 5 questions that a family should ask before they make their decision.

  1. What are the expectations for going to rehab?

Every individual has their own rehab experience, depending on the level of addiction, medical complications, and many other issues. The decision to choose a rehab must start with a comprehensive assessment that examines one’s physical and psychological desire and a clear conversation of what to expect in the first few days or even weeks.

  1. Is the rehab center recognized and approved?

Today, there are many rehab facilities that are not accredited and licenses. Taking your loved ones to a rehab is an important step and can bring out the difference between an effective detox versus ineffective detox. Since you aim for your loved one’s quick recovery as a result of receiving the highest quality in treatment, it is good to ensure you look for licensed and recognized facilities.

  1. Is the program short-term or long-standing?

Most drug rehab programs last for a period of 28 days. However, this might not give you or your loved ones the time needed to recover. Note that addiction is a complex issue that is associated with both physical and mental damage. Also, most people need significantly more than 28 days so that to become stably sober. Therefore ensure you know which type of program is suitable for your needs.

  1. Is there a harm decrease program used by the rehab center?

It is good to know if the rehab center can substitute another drug for the one prescribed to an individual. Some of the rehab centers will give Suboxone to an individual to substitute heroin or painkillers prescribed for the person. The aim of this type of treatment is to lessen harm to the person although it does not stabilize sobriety. Depending on what you want to achieve, you need to decide what type of treatment, if this can work well for you, you can go for it.


Although there are a lot of questions you need to ask before deciding the rehab facility to enter or to take your loved ones, the above list can help you decide how to choose a drug rehab center.