5 tips for a glowing skin!

Tonight I will be the most beautiful to go dancing … The holiday season is fast approaching and to have a radiant complexion, you have to take care of your skin right now!

You can get advices from expert dermatologist such as top dermatologist in Karachi about your skin health. Here are 5 tips for glowing skin:

1 – I clean my skin every day

Every day, the skin of our face is subject to a multitude of aggressions: pollution, make-up, sweat, dust … which inevitably makes the complexion dull! Careful facial cleansing promotes cell renewal and reduces the risk of clogged pores, which eventually dull the complexion and cause small pimples and blackheads to appear. In Morning and evening, cleanse your skin is an essential ritual not to neglect!

2 – I exfoliate my skin gently

For radiance and smoothness, nothing better than exfoliation! In fact, every week, exfoliating your skin eliminates dead skin, promotes cellular renewal and therefore brings radiance to the complexion. It should be known that the skin of the face is more sensitive than certain parts of the body and that the exfoliation must therefore be done gently. For this, sponges with natural plant fibers are ideal. In keeping with your skin type, they gently cleanse and exfoliate.

3 – I moisturize my skin every day

The skin is covered with a hydrolipidic film that aims to protect  our skin. Hydration helps maintain this hydrolipidic film.  Skin  that  is  not  sufficiently  hydrated  becomes uncomfortable and dull. It pulls. That’s why using a day cream with moisturizing properties is essential in everyday life. For even more radiance, choose a treatment enriched with active ingredients that affect the luminosity and uniformity of the complexion! For an express shot of radiance, opt for a concentrated care of the serum type. Characterized by their light texture which penetrates rapidly into the skin, the serums have a very concentration of active ingredients, for an immediate action. Ideal for sublimated skin and smoothed before the holidays!

4 – I opt for a good diet

Meals are indeed the first beauty gestures! A varied and balanced diet, source of vitamins and minerals is necessary for a healthy and clean skin. Good nutrition also affects the health of your hair and nails that will be stronger and brighter!

5 – I take care my sleeping duration

It cannot be repeated enough but sleep is the key to a skin glowing with beauty. The recommended sleep time is 7 to 8 hours per night. The ideal is to have a regular rhythm for a sleep as restful as possible.

These are few important tips for glowing skin, you can read more about it on Marham-Find a Doctor.