Choose The Best Attorney For Long Term Disability Benefits

If you are looking for an ERISA Long Term Disability attorney, you should consult with The Law Office of Nancy L Cavey. Long term disability insurance companies intimidate policyholders. They make them think that they have limited options. But an expert attorney can help you get your right.

What Is The Process Of Getting Disability Benefits?

Nancy L Cavey can help you review your application for flaws. She will help you with the following:

  • She will help review the summary plan description of the insurance policy.
  • You will have to review your medical records to present before the board. You will be required to develop medical as well as vocational evidence. Both are essential for filing your claim. Nancy L Cavey will help you organize all the paper work and eliminate any flaws.
  • In case your case is initially denied, she will help you file an appeal. The appeal is to be filed within 180 days of rejection. The attorney will meet with your doctors and do some medical research to prove that your claim is genuine.
  • If nothing else works and there is a need to file a lawsuit in court, she will help you in it and fight aggressively.

The process can be frustrating for you. The application process is full of complexities which a common man cannot handle. You need an expert attorney to deal with them in an effective way.

About Nancy Cavey:

Nancy Cavey is based in St. Petersburg. She is an expert ERISA attorney who can pursue long term disability cases in an effective way. She has extensive experience in this field. During the course  of her career she dealt with medical conditions that result in disability such as chronic fatigue syndrome, spinal injuries, fibromyalgia and spinal injuries. If you or your loved one suffered from long term disability benefits and your claim has been rejected, you may contact her office. They will provide you with free assessment.

Nancy understands your fear of financial collapse. She saw her father being disabled when she was a teenager. Her father had to rely on his long term disability benefits to support the family. The law firm has offices in St- Petersburg, Florida. The attorney has history of representing clients in Tampa, Clearwater, West Palm Beach, FT. Myers, Sarasota, Venice, Lakeland, Naples, Spring Hill, Hudson, Tallahassee, Miami Beach, Jacksonville, Pinellas Park, Bradenton, Orlando, Daytona, FT.  Lauderdale, Gainesville, Indian Rocks Beach, Port Richey, Largo, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Brooksville, Palm Harbor and lots of other cities of Florida.

The attorney also offers services in other fields as well. If you or someone you know are effected by a wage claim, or you need to file for social security disability benefits, the attorney can help you resolve your problem in an effective way. Before speaking with the representative of your insurance company, you better consult with an expert attorney such as Nancy Cavey. Right steps are only possible with right guidance.