Give Yourself A Better, More Intense Workout

Intensifying your workouts is important, especially if you want to achieve results as quickly as possible. However, you’re going to have to remember not to overwork yourself, which would just erase all the progress you have made so far. Making your workouts better and more intense can be done with simple, small, and meaningful changes to your routine. Here’s a list of some of the best ways to get the most intense workout you can.

 Friendly Competition

Having a friend around to motivate and challenge you is one of the simplest things you can do to intensify your workouts. In fact, you needn’t do this in the gym, participating in a round of sports like soccer or basketball might be the thing that works for you in the end. The competitive spirit that tends to come out when one is challenged can lead to better and more efficient workouts.

This study has led to some pretty significant results involving stimulating the competitive streak inside of all of us by training with a friend. In short, working out with others can prompt you to work harder, whether it be because of the motivational aspect or thrill of competition.

Strength Training and Cardio

People in the fitness community tend to separate cardio and strength exercises, which is not a bad thing. Both offer different benefits and it’s only right that they are classified differently. Now, imagine mixing both workouts together! Not only will you get the fat burning benefits from cardio, but you can tone your body and build up more lean muscle as well.

Motivate yourself with some Music

A study conducted on 2009 had found that listening to music had “…indicated that endurance was increased.” More significant results had been found when the subjects had listened to music that was considered ‘motivational,’ either for their fast-paced beats or the substance of the lyrics.

This means, that listening to the right kind of music or preparing a workout playlist for your own use should help you exercise longer. The reason as to why this works has not been properly studied. However, some people have theorized that this is due to music’s amazing ability to distract. In some cases, this distraction can be applied to pain, which includes distraction from the exertion that comes with longer and higher-intensity workouts.

Try supplements

If you’re not new to the world of fitness, then you should already be familiar with testosterone supplements. Investing in getting the best testosterone booster supplements on the market can be the difference that you need to make in order to intensify your workouts. Testosterone is important in building and maintaining muscle, this means, that supplementing it should help make your workouts become more effective.

Supplement with Protein

Much like testosterone boosters, you can also expect better results if you pay attention to the amount of protein that you are consuming every day. Protein can come from meats, legumes, eggs, etc. but can also be supplemented with the use of pills, powders, shakes, etc. 

High-Intensity Workouts

High-Intensity workouts usually constitute having to increase the number of sets and repetitions that you do on a regular basis. Taking baby steps is important when it comes to exercising because overtraining will only set you back – undoing most of the progress you have made thus far. If you find yourself impatient, try out these simple steps instead.

Whether it be adding one of the best testosterone booster supplements to your diet or even inviting your friends over for some light-hearted competition, make a change that doesn’t involve having to strain your body with training that you aren’t prepared for just yet. The results will come in time!