On Bed Rest: Boredom Busting Ideas to Help You Heal Happily

Whether it’s from a sports injury or a complicated pregnancy, there’s a huge array of reasons why bed rest may be prescribed as a method of healing. Being immobilized generally gives your injury a better chance of fully recovering and also gives your mind time to rest as well if you’ve been through a traumatic experience.

But, whilst bed red may be excellent for physical healing, it does have a couple of major negatives: boredom and feeling guilty for just lying around. Particularly if you’re feeling completely fine in yourself and it’s just a physical problem you need to take care of, bed rest can be mind-numbingly boring for those who aren’t prepared for it. So, if you’ve been instructed to be on bed rest for the foreseeable future and are worried about how your sanity will cope, here are some boredom busting ideas to keep your mind active and your body happily healing!

Watch something new

When we’re sick, we often revert back to the same movies and TV shows we know we like over and over again. Whilst watching your favorites is fine if you’re in bed for a day or two, for long-term bed rest it’s high time you branched out and started watching something brand new.

With sites like Netflix on-hand, there’s an almost endless array of movies and TV shows right at your fingertips. And who knows, you may find something you’d never even considered watching to become one of your all-time favorites! Bed rest needs to be kept interesting and consistently watching new things is a great way to achieve that.


Coloring is often overlooked for its superb relaxation and health benefits, with many seeing it as simply a children’s activity. When on bed rest for a long period of time, you could find yourself getting stressed or anxious about what you may be missing out on in the outside world, so it’s important to take your mind away from that negativity and engage yourself in something therapeutic – like Coloring Book for Me & Mandala.

This coloring book app has been specifically created for adults to release their creative side with relaxing mandalas. Offering multiple designs to choose from and an endless choice of colors, you could find yourself spending hours creating a masterpiece without even realizing!

Have friends over

Whilst you may not want your friends to see you lying in bed, it’s time to swallow your pride and invite some good company over.

Whether it’s just to simply watch TV together or eat pizza and gossip about everything you’ve missed, having new faces over will bring a refreshing and fun change to your bed rest experience.

Being injured is bad enough but, if you have to resort to bed rest, it can leave you feeling miserable and bored beyond belief. But as long as you include variety into your days and don’t just stick to doing the same things all the time, you’re almost guaranteed to feel less bored and much happier with the situation!