Renowned Cosmetic Medical Clinics Offer Great Treatments

Acne scars and other skin imperfections can be really denting to your self confidence. Your skin is one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s important you feel happy about your appearance. Get laser treatment to eliminate acne scars, blemishes and rejuvenate skin with Academy Laser Clinics. We are a high quality company with years of experience in several areas of expertise. With clinics in Perth and Sydney, you can get in touch with us for a consultation today.

In addition to working on getting rid of acne, we provide several other services that might be right for you. Get rid of moles or have a non surgical face lift. Most of our procedures are very straightforward and done with ease, even better – you should notice results straight away. You are going to look younger meaning the compliments are sure to roll in. In addition to skin related procedures, there are other things you can have done at Academy Laser Clinics. Men can have non surgical penis enlargement or receive treatment for snoring or hair loss. Women can have vaginal rejuvenation or treatment for incontinence. You can check out a full list of what we offer on our website.

Whether you need some kind of procedure at the clinic in order to feel more confident about how you look or improve your health, there are many options that are worth considering. The principal surgeon at Academy Laser Clinics is Dr Jayson Oates and he has a team of doctors who are skilled and qualified in regards to the procedures that have been mentioned. At your consultation, you can discuss what you hope to gain and all your needs will be discussed with you in detail. We really care about our customers needs which is why you can ask any questions you might have. After the procedure, we have an after care policy that will ensure you are pleased with your results.

If you are a man who is suffering some problems with your ability to get erections or are self conscious about your penis size, why not get a male enhancement treatment from CALIBRE?  You might be worried about the thought of having an invasive procedure carried out on your manhood but the CALIBRE treatment is completely non-surgical. A dermal filler is injected into the penis. The procedure itself takes under an hour and has no side effects, you can even get it done in your lunch break if you wish! Dr Jayson Oates and his team have proven results from  this non-surgical pain enlargement which can help men increase the girth of their penis 1″ when flaccid and 0.5 – 08″ when erect. You are going to have way more confidence as a result which will make you (and your partner) happier!

To treat erectile dysfunction, CALIBRE uses a platelet rich plasma (PRP) formula. This procedure activates tissue repair and growth factors in the body to give high quality results. In addition to a healthier blood flow for longer lasting erections, you are also going to experience enhanced nerve sensations in your penis which leads to better sex overall. Many people don’t like to talk about intimate procedures but at CALIBRE we handle all consultations and treatment sessions with the upmost sensitivity and discretion.

Feeling happy about how your body functions in all areas is important, it makes you healthier and makes you feel more content in your day-to-day life. You can call or email us today to arrange a consultation, during this meeting, we will discuss your needs at length. You can ask any questions you might have and we can then schedule the procedure to go ahead. Don’t spend the rest of your life being unhappy with your penis size or ability to perform, do something about it!

At Academy Face and Body, we care about our customers needs – which is why we offer a range of services for any problems that you might be experiencing. We try and use industry approved advanced techniques in order to give great results that look genuine and natural. Many of our procedures can actually be done in an hour, just like a hair or nail appointment!

Dr Jayson Oates is the Medical Director and there is a loyal and qualified team of staff that work well together, with the customers needs always in mind. We operate in Perth, so if you live in Australia, you can arrange a consultation with us today. Some of the services that we offer include face lifts, neck lifts, rhinoplasty, ear reshaping, liposuction, cheek implants and chin implants. This is just by looking at the cosmetic surgery side of things, we also have many laser treatment services to improve skin. We do tattoo removal, “snore stop”, mole removal, effective acne treatment and more.

We also offer intimate services for both men and women that might have concerns in those areas. Budget is a concern for many which is why we strive to give the best prices possible for treatment, while not letting this affect the quality of treatment. We believe that confidence is your greatest asset when it comes to beauty and our treatments are designed to boost your confidence and improve the way you look. Discuss your needs with us during an initial consultation and we can take things from there. We promise to give you the best care from start to finish –  you will leave Academy Face and Body looking and feeling like a brand new person.