To help you choose the CBD product that’s right for you, we’ve listed the top 5 CBD products. We have selected different products that can be taken in different ways. You can choose which CBD product is right for you.

1. CBD Oil

There is many beneficial CBD products manufactured by Receptra Naturals that support and improve your health. The best known is CBD oil also called Golyoli. These drops, taken orally, are absorbed via the mucous membranes under the tongue. CBD oil exists in several concentrations of CBD and based on different oils.
Think for example of organic olive oil or organic hemp seed oil or not. Thanks to state-of-the-art techniques, CBD and other healthy substances contained in hemp are preserved. MediHemp is the pioneer in this field and uses CO2 extraction. We put MediHemp’s CBD oil in first place in the top 5 best CBD products. In order to compare the different CBD oils, we converted the CBD concentration for each oil to mg.

2. Hemp Seed Oil Plus

After CBD oil, other CBD products soon arrived on the market. CBD paste packaged in a convenient syringe and with a higher concentration of CBD than oil. And a CBD spray based on hemp seed oil for a convenient dosage and better taste than CBD based on olive oil.

CBD based on hemp oil is probably the tastiest. The taste is sweet with a touch of nuts. Even more important; hemp seed oil is considered a super food because hemp seeds contain a high concentration of essential nutrients. Hemp seed oil and CBD in a food supplement complement each other well. Comes in second place in the “Best CBD Products” list, Hemp Seed Oil plus CBD.

3. Ointment with CBD

You can swallow the CBD but you can also spread it on your skin. This beneficial and medicinal cream contains CBD. The composition is natural and very soft for the skin. In addition to hemp seed oil and CBD extract, the ointment also contains beeswax, olive oil, lanolin and white broth.

The ointment is suitable for relieving skin problems and skin reactions such as irritation or swelling. We propose the cream with CBD but also the Optimal Blend in Cannabinoids, the cream OCM. The base of this cream is the same as the ointment with CBD but the concentrations of cannabinoids are lower and the cream is cheaper. Always practical in the box at home and on number 3: Medi-Wiet CBD ointment.

4. KanaVape Electronic Cigarette

Swallow, spread or inhale the CBD. Inhaling the CBD is another way to take this product and the new trend. KanaVape is a ready-to-use electronic cigarette and the cartridge is suitable for liquid CBD, 5%. Inhaling CBD has a great advantage: the effectiveness of CBD is twice as high compared to oral intake. It is therefore a very effective way to absorb CBD while enjoying an intense experience. KanaVape causes the same calming effect as cannabis. You will be less stressed without becoming high or stoned. KanaVape can be used everywhere (because discrete) and at any time. Recently available but already in fourth place: the KanaVape CBD electronic cigarette.

5. CBD Liquid for Electronic Cigarette 

As inhalation is the most effective way to take advantage of the beneficial effects of CBD and because some people already have an electronic cigarette. Ambrosia CBD Liquids from Vibee are suitable for any electronic cigarette. This liquid is available in 20 mg of CBD per 10 ml or in 100 mg of CBD per 10 ml. With or without nicotine and available in peach flavor.

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