Types of Weight Loss Programs and Whose it for?

Truvisioncare.com brings you interesting information about different types of weight loss programs and defines whose it for altogether. Many weight loss programs are out there nowadays but to choose the right one for you, you must have proper information about those programs and also, whether it will work for you or not.

Types of Weight Loss Programs by truvisioncare.com


  • Online Programs

These types of weight programs mostly rely on Internet-based forums, communities or mobile applications to sell their diet programs.

Some weight loss programs rely on Internet-based forums or communities or mobile applications for meal planning, counseling and/or group interaction and support.

Group interactions, support, and counseling are other parts of such programs. For example, TruVision is an online weight loss program which is doing the business at truvisioncare.com and many other such sources.


  • Meal delivery services

In these programs, some weight loss programs deliver meals or ingredients as home delivery. It can be either the part of their broader plan or as their primary service.


  • In-Person Group Meetings

These programs based on brick-and-mortar business or typically meet at a community center on scheduled basis. Participants might get the information in shape of a group discussion or one-on-one session with counselors or other members.

  • Meal Replacement Programs

The program that is relying primarily on food replacement products such as shakes, bars or other snacks is called a meal replacement program.

  • Customize Programs

Customizable programs can be flexible at a time and enable you to select among various diet plans formulated according to your needs and preferences.

Customizable programs are more beneficial as compare to one-size-fits-all programs due to their customization abilities.


  • Supplement Programs

These types of programs are known for marketing dietary supplements. These supplements are specially designed to block fats by promoting the feelings of fullness instead of hunger.

Whose it for?


  • Older Men and Women

Both men and women in their middle ages often gone through andropause or menopause struggle with the excess weight. Truvisioncare.com observed that weight loss program can be helpful for them in most of the cases.

  • New Moms

Excess weight is a very common issue with new moms. They often struggle to shed the extra pounds which left over from the time of pregnancy. They might find a weight loss program helpful in this regard.


  • Food Sensitive Dieters

Some people can be allergic to a specific type of food like gluten, dairy, soy, or any other food. Same like, some people can’t shed their weight because of stricter dietary requirements as compared to others.

These people can take advantage of pre-packaged food and diet programs that avoid those certain ingredients.


  • On-Budget Dieters

Many people want to lose some pounds and inches off their waistline but their wallets don’t allow them. An affordable diet program can be quite handy for such people to achieve their fat loss goals.


  • Busy People

The majority of the weight loss programs are designed by keeping an eye on busy scheduled, middle aged, and successful man and women, especially those who want to be cut to size of their older versions and get back into their skinny jeans.

While women are the target users, more men are also turning to weight loss programs due to their busy schedule and obesity problems.