What is Oxycontin?



Oxycontin is basically an Opioid medicine which is exclusively used as a pain relief which can range between moderate to severe pains. It is one of the most searched and purchased drug of all time. It is sold in black market in names such as OC, Killers, Oxycotton and Hillbilly Heroin. People who have consumed Oxycontin for a longer period of time can experience serious problems like anxiety disorder, nausea, weak muscles, etc.

Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin according to the studies is one of the most sought out drugs. People of all age groups like kids, adolescents, adults and even senior citizens are addicted to this drug to such an extent that they need urgent medical attention to control their addictions. Many criminal activities are also associated with this drug like burglary in medical shops and household abuse, etc. For these types of patient initiating withdrawal and detoxification process is comparatively painful.

Treatment Process

The treatment process for Oxycontin addictions are as under:

Intake – The patient is taken into the medicinal custody in this first step. The medical team sits with the patient and collect details related to their addiction like drug dosage, duration of the addiction, quantity intake, personal problems, cravings, etc. The doctors by this procedure will be able to understand the nature of the patient and details about his addiction habits. If he is a compulsive Oxycontin consumer then the treatment designed would be on a stricter medicinal regime.

Detoxification process – Once the initial process is completed the next step is of detoxification. Detox is the process to control the withdrawal procedure of a patient. It can result into various side effects like seizures, anxiety, vomiting, etc. But proper medication is provided to the patient to help him control his cravings and urges. Medical expert team is available all the time with the patient in order to combat any emergency situation.

Inpatient treatment – The detoxification process alone is not enough for a patient to get rid of his addiction as once the medication is stopped there are chances of relapse. Various counseling sessions and therapies are undertaken for the patients to enable them to understand the consequences of drug abuse and to show them a way to lead healthy life ahead. Many behavioral sessions are conducted for the patients to support them emotionally and psychologically to overcome such life threatening addictions.

Education – Education has an important place in Oxycontin addiction treatment Orange County. Various informational lecture sessions are conducted for the patients in order to keep them mentally healthy and strong willed to control relapse and maintain healthy life. Many motivational speakers are also approached for delivering motivational lectures to the patients so that they can be positive about their future.

Aftercare – Once the entire above mentioned treatment of a patient is finished the patient is allowed to live his life as he was doing before his treatment sans the addiction part. Hence the concerned medical team even after the treatment keeps on organizing the counseling sessions for the patients to motivate them to lead a clean and sober life in future and minimize or diminish the chances of relapse.


Oxycontin addiction as discussed in the above article can prove to be life threatening if not treated properly and on time. Addiction will not only affect the patient but will affect the lives of his family members.